Qeuyl | Talent Bio

2014 Qeuyl was signed by Don Oriolo to Zazoo Records to release his EP Kuji Kiri which featured his debut single Like That

Qeuyl, teamed up with the app, and has played an instrumental part in the app's success. Qeuyl was the first recording artist on to debut with his original songs. He has made a name for himself showing off his vocal chops in several singles released worldwide and through. The growth of his challenge for his original song Like That on the Musically app took Musically by surprise pulling in 75% more growth than what was expected.

Like That Feat Mic Massive went viral and pulled in over 400 thousand views on as well as attention from quite a few celebrities such as X Factor and America's Got Talent Chase Goehring and Actor Bryce Xavier.

Qeuyl's previous release of his single, Merry Christmas premiered on Awesomeness TV Network powered by Dreamworks and pulled in over 100 thousand new viewers. Currently Qeuyl is Unsigned. He is also actively a part of Muser Movement an event and online community with over 200,000 fans. At these Muser Movementevents he can be seen rubbing shoulders with friends and social media stars like Baby Ariel, Lauren Goodwin, Kristen Hancher , Danielle Coln, Digi Tour's Tyler Brown, and more.

His 2016 single, Tinkerbells and Nevergrowns has allowed fans to see his voice in a new light. pulling in over 100k views on YouTube.

At just the age of 21 Qeuyl writes and records his own original songs. This originality and pure talent attracted his fanbase of over 18,000 fans on Instagram, over 20,000 fans on Facebook and over 10,000 fans on Twitter.

Qeuyl is one artist that will stand the test of time, from his pop/rock to his contemporary/soul tracks he will always be reaching higher grounds and tremendous success in his career.